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The Promatic “Grouse” includes 6 Promatic Matrix throwers and is controlled by digital Promatic Claymate electronics. The Promatic Grouse has the ability to throw multiple flurries as well as individual machine launching capabilities. This will surely drive the European driven game shooters and the North American duck, dove and quail hunters to a new proficiency level.


  • 6 Matrix traps, each with a 168 clay carousel for a total of 1008 birds
  • 6 trap synchronized rotation, individual trap elevation is between ~ 7-45 degrees
  • Throwing distance 100 plus yards
  • Individual trap control or random flushes from all 6 traps
  • Random flushes of between 1 and 6 birds – up to a total of 200 birds per flush
  • Grouse trailer has off road wheels, jockey wheel for easy manuevering and jack stands for leveling
  • Intelligent charge system – auto turn off stops overcharging
  • Customer training
  • Delivery


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