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400 Clay Capacity Price: $2,995.00
500 Clay Capacity Price: $3,195.00

The Kodiak, with its 400 or 500 target capacity and tilt base, is designed and built for large clubs and commercial grounds. The 33% increase in capacity, heavier duty components, high torque motor, and upgraded electronics enables the trap to handle the additional usage seen in harsh commercial environments.
With eight variations, the Kodiak series can be used across your entire Sporting, FITASC, or 5-Stand courses.  Because all eight models have a commonality of parts and set-up, tasks such as course changes, maintenance and trap servicing are more easily learned by your ground staff.
Our Kodiak Left Hand uses negative curl to throw a completely different flight profile and is available in a standard or midi carousel. The full series of Kodiak traps integrate perfectly with our specialist traps, the Chondel and Rabbit.


  •  400 to 500 clay capacity in standard right/left hand 108 or 90mm
  •  Specialty target versions in 400 capacity include battue, 70mm and right/left hand
  •  Tilt right/left 35 degrees
  •  Throwing distance 100 plus yards
  •  Max elevation up to 70 degrees
  •  Optional turn base for hard surface mounting
  •  44-amp motor and large commercial gear box
  •  1.5 second re-cocking time
  •  3 years standard parts warranty, lifetime on clutch, main bearings
  •  Powered by a 12v battery (not included)


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