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Those demanding the best machine, look no further. The Super Sporter is the finest machine manufactured anywhere in the World. For Sporting it will outperform any other machine with power, speed and durability. Along with a 120 plus yard throwing distance, the Super Sporter has the finest components with a robust heavy duty alloy body. It has had hard years of use from the -30 degree winters of Moscow to the sizzling heat of a Texas summer and still the Super Sporter works day after day, year after year.
Available as a Super Sporter with 400 clay capacity, or a Super Sporter 10 with a massive 500 clay capacity.


  •     400 clay capacity
  •     Throwing distance 120 plus yards
  •     Max elevation up to 70 degrees
  •     Solid and robust heavy duty alloy body
  •     Near instant re-cocking time
  •     Midi and 70mm Right-Handed, Left-Handed versions available
  •     Durable electrical control box with simple toggle on/off switch
  •     3 years standard parts warranty
  •     Powered by a 12v battery (not included)



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