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The International Competition Standard Clay Pigeon Trap used by many of the Worlds top shooting grounds. The Super Sporter has had years of hard use from the colds of a Moscow winter through the heat of a Texas summer and the harshness of sitting on top of a tower in the wilds of Scotland and always works day after day, year after year. That it is why it is the trap of choice for the Worlds busiest shooting grounds. Our simple but efficient designs uses the best components available to deliver unbeatable performance and versatility in a heavy duty package building on the strengths of the standard Sporter machine. Elevates back to 70 degrees for near vertical teal targets with the ability to lean the machine over to throw curling clays.


  •     Height – 1235mm (44″)
  •     Weight – 140kg (308 lbs)
  •     Capacity – 500
  •     Throwing distance 120 plus yards
  •     Max Elevation – 70 degrees
  •     Clay Type – Standards only
  •     Tilt and turn base
  •     Clay Feed Type – Knife Separator
  •     Powerful 130m performance
  •     Stainless steel throwing plate, alloy and corrosion protected 
  •     Heavy duty electrical control box with thermal overload trip
  •     Toggle on – off de-cock and fire button
  •     Proven “Knife Edge” system to feed wet or frozen clays without failure
  •     Available in 12v DC
  •     Lifelong warranty on clutchM one-way bearing; 3 year warranty on all other parts


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